Friday, July 18, 2014

Why we hoard

I hate fussing with the TV remote and happening on those sickening hoarder shows--tunnels cut through debris stacked high, roaches and rats.

But you can still hold on too long--short of that. I am a tosser--my daughter is a "might needer."

Melinda Beck, WSJ, July 8, 2014, helps us categorize our neuroses hoarding-wise.

First, there are those who want to hang onto the way things were. Old trophies and triumphs, pictures of old pets (but not the bodies).

Sizes you might wear again sometime.

Stuff you bought to feel better and never wore.

ADHD leftovers--half-done hobbies, anything resulting from lack of focus.

Stuff you know you may need again even if you never will.

Weird stuff that might be valuable again as an antique--say, 8 Track.

For may people clutter distresses--but so does getting rid of things.

Hoarding in the extreme sense is now a psychiatric disorder.

How about people who are too lazy to cart things to the dumpter--or lack upper body strength--or their knees hurt?

Think about how much someone else would love and could use the item.

One woman said she didn't need a professional organizer--she had already separated everything into bins--just not trash bins.

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