Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yay--job numbers--sigh

New job numbers out from our esteemed leaders. Usually these get racheted down later in "corrections". But these seem to be on an upward trajectory. Not keeping up with those leaving the workforce, but not as dismal as usual.

How's that for a ringing endorsement?

Most as in the service area--hospitality, health--not hard manufacturing. Those decent $35 an hour jobs requiring only HS seem to have vanished. You can't find one even with a college degree.

Good news--Starbucks intends to pay for its baristas to go to college. Seriously, this college cost thing has skyrocketed to the moon. It's ridiculous.

Bad news--the baristas will have to stay in their latte-constructing jobs for a while. And glad to have them, I imagine.

I am Debbie Downer today, aren't I? Just to keep from getting bored many years into this blog, I wish I could report something spectacular.

OK--how's this? We are alive, have friends, many of us are not in pain, we laugh at the darnedest things, the Sun is out (well, in AZ, it always is), and this is the only life we have.

Cue the Fireworks!

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