Monday, July 7, 2014

You are your child's librarian

Summer! Long drowsy days...when I was a kid, in between the inevitable bee stings on bare feet and weird orange juice popcicles Mom made in an ice cube tray and handed to us swathed in a linty paper towel, there were books!

Books. Reading. Trips to the library--walking distance and nicely air conditioned against the St Louis humidity.

I don't remember Mom even glancing at the books--we were on our own. When we went to the lake in Wisconsin, there were many tattered paperbacks and Readers Digest Condensed Books in the lodge--no one scanned those, either--and some contained ... sex.

Now I don't even know if kids read for fun--or only for those dratted book reports. They can download books to their phones, if they do.

Also, according to the WSJ (June 25, 2104), publishers try to indicate appropriate reading levels.

Trouble is, each publisher does it differently. A parent may have to flip through the book to see if it's too hard or way too easy.

Seems to be kids have jumped to "chapter books" (remember that term?) pretty fast with Harry Potter.

Just be glad they are reading. Reading makes life itself bearable.

Once my brother raked a pile of leaves, sat in it, and was reading.

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