Monday, August 25, 2014

Burning Man more than some hippies

I watched a documentary called SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY. Find it on cable, if you're interested.

It was quite well done--reminded my of my feckless youth--a group I belonged to of larky designers who liked to dress in weird costumes and drink a lot.

The message was, though, that some of the Burning Man festival founders had been organizing this for almost 20 years. It was their passion, their life.

One guy said it was not his life--but you could tell it was. Another said he was quitting--you could tell he wouldn't.

Artists worked for months to raise money for weird assemblages, some of which would be burned up in the desert.

If you are a person with this kind of hook in you, I both envy and wonder about you. The crazy vehicles people brought, the fighting over tickets (too much success), the focused love and passion--it reminded me a little of indie filmmaking, which I also know a little about.

Not every job--every passion--every love--takes place in an office. Although--don't mistake it--Burning Man had offices year-round--it's a big deal.

Little Burning Man events have now sprinkled the globe. For a week, you can be whatever you want--if you can figure that out.

And you don't grow up first.

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