Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dads who help around the house help daughters

According to Ann Lukits, WSJ, Aug 19, 2014, an article in the Aug Psychological Science says fathers who split the chores at home inspired their daughters to undertake less traditionally feminine occupations--instead wanting to become astronauts, police officers, and sports players.

The theory is that dads who pitch in at home give the girls hope that they can have time for more nontraditional jobs.

Researchers at the Univ of British Columbia in Vancouver, studied 172 boys and 154 girls. The division of labor in each household was self-reported.

The parents with less traditional roles fostered less traditional ambitions in the female kids. Their roles made no difference in the ambtions of male kids.

I remember my father not wanting me to be a doctor (a "hen" medic, he called it). So I became whatever this is...lobbyist, the reporter, then blogger, then screenwriter.

What IS this anyhow?

Never mind--personal problem.

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