Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hi, uh uh...

Olga Khazan, Government Executive magaine, Aug 11, 2014, explains why some people just cannot remember names.

They may be kind, conscientious, people people, etc, but cannot for the life of them remember a name they heard.

She says there are some reasons for this. First, if there is a line or crowd, you are more focused on introducing yourself.

You may simply not be that interested.

Your short-term, "working" memory is sort of like a leaky thermos, she says--it spills all the time. If you don't concentrate on holding something in it, it may slop over and disappear.

Also, she thinks names are kind of pointless--they don't tell you anything about the person. You need to connect it to something about the person.

If you do forget, she says, what the heck--ask. "Hi--darn, I forgot your name..I am Star."

I used to be a lobbyist--people on the Hill in DC like you to remember them. So when I was introduced, I sort of made a mental point to lock in the name. Like a burst of increased consciousness.

I do it with people on help lines, too. It amazes them.

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