Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to keep employees showing up

Ah, those Friday and Monday "sick" days. What employer hasn't grappled with those? They say never buy a car made on a Friday--there is some way to tell, I forget how.

CareerBuilder has some advice.

First, pay decently. Two out of three US workers do not earn their desired salary. This results in low motivation, high absenteeism--and general sullenness, which gets VERY old.

Employers should also pay attention to scheduling. People forced to work long hours often take days "off" out of the blue. Make schedules predictable.

And--hire more experienced workers. These are people who need money, know how to play the game, and grit it out and show up.

I would add: Treat workers with respect, don't throw tantrums at them, ask their advice and for their input, and just generally be human.

Your workers are your "gold"--not some necessary nuisance.

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