Monday, August 4, 2014

Read this before checking into a hotel

No, it's not about how the top bedspreads are rarely laundered--he doesn't even mention that.

Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky (the audio--read by him--is great) is about this young man's odyssey in the hotel business. It's brash, profane, funny, and informative.

Tomsky--known as "Tommy," "Tom," or "Thomas"--says he may have checked you in and you did not know it.

He worked for a huge swanky place in New Orleans for many yrs (no names, pls) and a famous but slightly rundown landmark in New York City.

You will learn how to get upgrades, how to never get one, how to dispute mini-bar charges, and how the whole system works.

Yes--you are in a system and you don't know it. There is a whole behind the scenes world--the heart of the house, they call it. Besides the bellmen (who rule), there are housemen you may never see but might want to befriend.

Housekeeping may have 150 employees--tip them.

Tip everyone. You will have a better time. And folding money only.

"Tommy" says be polite, don't get angry, and always hold out your hand--with money in it. You won't be sorry.

I liked a section on hundred dollar bills--the bellmen convert their smaller bills into hundreds at the end of each shift. They have a million names for hundreds--redheads, bennies, hundos, bricks (a baby brick is a twenty), I can't recall all of them he mentioned.

Hundreds are the coin of the hotel realm.

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