Friday, August 15, 2014

Skanky luggage thieves

How nice--you entrust your bags to the bowels of some airport and some dopes go through them and help themselves.

Scott McCartney, WSJ, Aug 14, 2014,  says the TSA is trying to tighten up on these charming souls.

The feds send "bait bags" though screening--containing iPads, watches, and jewelry and see who succumbs. Bang--on go the cuffs. Five hundred and seven screeners nailed so far.

But some thieves also put TSA stickers on--so the TSA is suspected. Now, the TSA videotapes its inspections.

To protect yourself, never put valuables in checked luggage.

In fact, don't use fancy luggage.

If you suddenly have to check because the overhead bins are full--take out laptops and other stealables. People often just hand it over, hurrying to make sure it gets on the plane--thieves know this.

Make your bag identifiable on the carousel--maybe a sticker or ribbon. Get there fast and snatch it off.

If something is stolen--tell the police.

Still, dishonest people are relentless in their nastiness--good luck.

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