Friday, August 29, 2014

Things that just decide to break

Sometimes I could hurl my electronics out the window--and I barely have any. No cell, no tablet, no smart anything, no laptop... Just a $150 computer, a printer that sits there like Jabba, and a vintage phone I can keep a grip on (my kid derides it at every turn).

But somehow, my stuff just decides "time's up--breaking now."

My water heater caught on fire this summer--10 yrs old. Off warranty, of course.

The service I get free from the library (Overdrive) to download audio books for my poor little crummy eyes--suddenly reversed--black background. Can hardly read it.

I cannot post this site using the AOL browser anymore--must switch to a mess called Chrome just for this.

My favorite daily websites suddenly can take 30 secs to change a page--unloading cookies does not help.

Ooops--while I typed that, everything shifted right.


Now I can't scroll down. Have a nice weekend.

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