Monday, August 18, 2014

What should you eat at work?

No--besides THAT.

Doughnuts, crullers, Danish, bear claws--no no no. Not those either.

Kaitlin Louie, of, says greasy sandwiches and vending machine bait are also not great for sustaining energy and creativity during the workday.

Usually, you can get stimulants--coffee, tea--bosses want sound oomph. But combined with those cheese and mayo concoctions, these can dim your edge.

First--saw this one coming, didn't you--eat leafy greens. These slow digestion of starches, making them more available for energy.

Be sure to get enough iron. This helps carry oxygen around your body--and to the old brain.

You need some fats--healthy ones--like Omega 3s. Fish, walnuts.

And watch the caffeine.

Yeah--I watch it go down.

All this is probably good advice--listen up.

And tell those doughnuts to get themselves out of your head.

PS Does lettuce on a cheeseburger count as leafy? Never mind.

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