Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are you a person of habit?

I used to eat Top Ramen for lunch everyday until I read it has some crud in it that kills ya. I am still here, but why tempt fate?

I often feel like I am in a rut.

Then I read a feature in the pretentious WSJ, a tony mag sent out by the Wall Street Journal, which by the way, I can no longer afford so expect material from other places. I can't describe this tony thing--black and white atmospheric pix where you can't even see the somber menswear, storky gals splayed out with their unlikely gams askew....almost creepy.

Anyhow they have a feature where they ask some people they consider celebs about things and this time it was about their "habits."

Jeff Koons (artist). Gets to work the same time, leaves the same time. Eats the same amount of pistachios and Cheerios and Zone Bars each day. Exact right proportion of carbs, protein, and fats.

Paloma Picasso (daughter of and jewelry designer). She travels to "step out" of habit. She works lying on the floor or in a plane. Has a special perfume but sometimes changes it up.

Thomas Keller (chef). Naturally habitual, he says. Likes repetition--allows him to think of other things.

Audra McDonald (actor). Playing Billie Holiday on Broadway--a person with bad habits. Spritzes gin on hself to "feel" drunk. Billie Holiday, for her part, never sang a song the same way twice.

Michael Kors (fashion designer). Drinks iced tea all day no matter what the season. Stays in the same room in London. But also will hare off and do something new.

Maria Sharapova (tennis). As an athlete has to eat and sleep consistently. But no two matches are the same and must adapt.

So there you are--with all their money and freedom--if they had ever heard of Top Ramen, some of them might get into it for life.

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