Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I am late because...uh uh....

What are you looking at? Get to work!
CareerBuilder lists some reasons employees have used for being tardy.

Ooops--can't use these now! Got ya!

Thirty-five percent of employers in one survey have fired people for being late.

Traffic is a biggie. Nearly a quarter of employees get held up by it each month. Fifteen percent once a week.

Okay, the excuses...

A zebra was running down the highway. (True, it turned out.)

Woke up on the lawn a few doors down.

Cat got stuck in the toilet.

Could not eat breakfast because there was no milk, had to get some.

Superglue in the eye instead of contact lotion (good grief, who hasn't done that?)

Thought Halloween was a holiday.

Hole in the roof--wet alarm clock--did not go off.

Forgot the company's new address.

Scared by a nightmare.

That last sort of happened to me. I was reading a Stephen King book, I called in sick to finish it, then was too scared to stay home. When I got to work, my assistants said, "But we thought you were sick..."

"Miracle,"  I muttered.

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