Friday, September 12, 2014

People, people--going broke on $200,000?

Veronica Dagher, WSJ, Sept 6-7, 2014, writes about people with a pretty big income who are still deeply in debt or going bankrupt.

You can still live beyond your means at six figures--no problem. One gal had a private chef, housekeeper, designer clothes, lavish trips on $200,000 and got $300,000 into her cards.  Didn't see that one coming, apparently.

Eventually she cut back, cooked for herself, moved to a cheaper place, and haunted thrift stores.

She got that $300,000 down to $40,000 and is still working on it.

Better to face facts, save for retirement, own and live in one house. This does not mean suffer--it can be a nice house.

Take action well before losing a job or retirement.

That means now.

I have had my issues with money, believe me. But money is a fact of life and we have to face it down.

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Star Lawrence said...

Get a chick lit book called BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK--about a gal who is living high, then loses her job. Written by Jen Lancaster.