Monday, September 29, 2014

Pity the poor college student

Melissa Korn, WSJ, Sept 4, 2014, writes about some sociologists who studied college students and how they are doing.

Their 2011 book is called Academically Adrift.

Ew, that doesn't sound good.

They looked at 1,600 students during college and 1,000 after for two years.

Of the students ho did not go into grad school, only slightly more than 1/4th made $40,000 or more two years after graduating. Three-fourths still relied somewhat on Mom and Dad.

The two say colleges give kids an unrealistic view of what it takes to achieve their goals.

They think it does pay to go to college, but people should ask whether the particular college is a value for the time and money.

Too much emphasis is put on the social side. Many students surveyed did not develop critical thinking skills--or the ability to write.

Yet, they do not consider this a lost generation. Of course, the richer kids can spend their twenties "finding themselves." The poorer can't, leading to a wider wage gap.

Colleges, they say, need to teach kids how to think--how to question--how to rethink in a different context. And of course--teach subject matter. Remember that? Chemistry, physics, educational theory, that stuff?

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