Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Read employment contract--I mean, really, do it

Writing in the Business Insider, Emmie Martin warns about contracts. Like house papers, people tend to look these over with a sage expression and nod.

I never had a contract back in the day, so there is that.

Anyhow, the "noncompete" areas can limit you at your next job--or who you can hire. If you don't go over these coming in--leaving is too late.

Mostly such clauses are aimed at keeping you from taking confidential or proprietary info to your next job. You want as short a time specified as possible and as narrow a list of companies you cannot work for.

Non-solicit clauses are to keep you from taking your best people with you if you leave. Also clients--you can't take them to your next job.

No-hire clauses prevent you from hiring people who have worked for competitors.

Invention assignment agreements require new hites to disclose things they invented before being hired. The new company cannot claim the patent developed at the old. From there, it becomes crazy complicated.

I would advise a lawyer--maybe Harvey Spector, Mike Ross, and the Good Wife rolled into one.

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