Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stuff old people do that you should do

 The author, Jeff Havens, is a lecturer on leadership and generational issues--and looks so young in his picture, I doubt he knows much about creaking around as an old fogey.

But he does have some good ideas (meaning I agree with some).

First, use your phone to TALK sometimes. It's quicker and even more fun than tapping out 4-5 texts.

Stick with something for more than five minutes. It's relaxing to think about one thing at a time--you'll like it.

Write something longer than 4 sentences, Jeff advises.  Then you can't text.

Get a hobby. Your grandparents had those. Don't let your social media, softball league etc crowd out what you love--or maybe it's the softball you love. Cool.

Older people stop growing beards. I disagree with this!!! What is UP with those grizzled gray messes on men's faces--viz. Dave Ramsey and those duck people.

Older people also write thank you notes.

Don't be afraid to march to someone else's drummer sometimes.

We oldies probably do a  lot of nice and useful things--oh, I know--we have manners. We say "What?" when someone speaks to us. We respond to emails. We are pretty decent to our mothers if they are still around.

Manners may be retro, but they are nice.

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