Thursday, September 11, 2014

The happiness boss

In the Sept issue of GovTech (, we learn about Chief Happiness Officers--these are, of course, a creature of Silicon Valley.

They monitor the workplace's emotional well-being.

They advocate changes to promote worker happiness.

Google has a guy whose title is Jolly Good Fellow. Part of his job is to promote world peace.

Quite a job description.

Seriously--this is serious. These people get paid.

Where do I sign?

I recent read Gretchen Rubin's second book, Happier at Home, on how she tries to create happiness in her home and life. One thing she concluded is that she tends to work harder on things she likes.

Also she avoids things she does not like--travel, listening to music, pets, acupuncture, her kids coming in her home office without knocking, food, eating, the list is long..

One for The Big Book of Duh.

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