Friday, September 19, 2014

Want to be more creative--get a pooch

Pet ownership is at an all-time high. A 2012 survey showed that owning a pet is better for your social life than networking sites.

Pet ownership also opens markets for services--and goods (such as delish-looking pet food).

And now--ta da--evidence that dog ownership increases your creativity. For one thing, petting an animal lowers blood pressure.

Check out Dogs Rule Nonchalantly by Mark Ulriksen. This dude loves dogs--and draws them constantly. That's creative, right?

In fact, dog faces and bodies vary more than humans' do, he says. Just ears alone. Or their noses.

Also he does  not have to flatter dogs.

And dogs keep you company while you spew out good ideas, drawings, patents, etc., and sometimes don't even wake up while being so inspiring.

I miss having a dog.

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