Monday, September 15, 2014

We don't need no stinkin' classrooms

Ana Campoy and Julia Harte, WSJ, Sept 8, 2104, says schools are breaking out of the classroom paradigm.

At a school in Texas, kids meet in coffee shops, parks, museums and galleries. This is a private school--sounds like one long field trip.

Critics say electronics don't substitute for a good teacher. But many schools combine the two. Or they hope the teacher is good.

Some experimental schools transmit the student and teacher faces to each other on a screen.

At one school, get this--they take public transit! Wow.

Once, in a museum, the kids tried to use their laptops to take notes and the staff went nuts--paper, paper.

I do remember helping my kid dissect an owl pellet at home because she was home with mono. It  was gross but kinda interesting at the same time--little mouse bones.

My question on this is what if these experiments don't "work" and the youngsters are snotty, wired, entitled little twits who can't add, subtract or read? Just write them off?

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