Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You apply--they ignore

I was leafing through MORE magazine--this is supposedly for ahem, older, women who still want more. Of what they don't say. One guess would be--cosmetics.

But they did have an article by Laura Sinberg on why employers don't respond to your applications. Could be, you are playing the game wrong.

First, Laura says, have a heading called WORK EXPERIENCE. Don't put ACHIEVEMENTS or something or the computer scanning will not recognize it.

Put the name of the companyou worked for before dates. NAME OF COMPANY, POSITION YOU HELD, DATES.

Use keywords from the ad--don't get creative because the computer won't.

If you went to a top tier school--even for a summer or continuing ed class--mention it.

Forget fancy formatting like boxes, shading, headers, conts. These confuse computers.

Try to get your res into human hands--so much nicer than electronic ones.

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