Monday, October 20, 2014

Careers working with animals

"We should get a picture of her for the barn." 
 I am a huge fan of crusty Dr Jann Pol, a Michigan vet with a "reality" show on Nat Geo Wild. Dial up "The Incredible Dr. Pol." There is also a show on a vet who specializes in exotic animals; she operates on reptiles, birds, rats, you name it. And another starring a very can-do wildlife vet.

But being a vet is barely a start on the careers you could have working with animals. Check out The list is endless.

Some examples:

Agricultural economist
Animal Control officer
Animal nutritionist at a zoo
Certified canine massage therapist (there is also equine massage)
Dairy Farm owner
Horse show judge

You get the idea.

Some of these take quite a bit of advanced training--the site tells all.

From watching Dr. Pol, I now am mildly in love with cows--a crush, I guess you'd say. My daughter asked me, "Exactly how many farm animal pictures do we need in here?"

Can you have too many?

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