Friday, October 17, 2014

How to re-enter the workforce

Who knows why you took a break--children, elderly parent, burned out. When it comes time to try to get back to work, Robert Half, the workplace guru, has some ideas.

As usual--first step--activate your network--link up with anyone you know on social, also offline, family members, friends, and their friends. Even your old employer.

Practice explaining why you are coming back. What do you expect in a job?

If you volunteered while away, be sure to note that. Or start volunteering. The skills can be transferable. Organizing, working with spreadsheets, managing volunteers, and so on.

You might want to take classes--brush up on skills. Don't forget about those free university courses--MOOCs.

You might want to ease back in by temping or working part-time.

Sit down and think about the skills you've gained while out of the formal work world.

Give yourself time--be patient. Job hunting is hard enough when you segue from one job to the next. Recreating a new "work" you is even more challenging.

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