Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Obamacare--oops, ACA--not going anyplace

You don't hear much about the so-called Affordable Care Act (affordable if you have $5,000-$19,000 lying around to pay deductibles). That's because you could not buy it or anything for some months.

Now open enrollment will commence--after the elections, naturally.

The advocates will be more upfront--don't get it, get fined.

In 2014, 8 million people finally got coverage through the so-called exchanges. Many were easier sells--now they will go after uninsured Hispanics and people in remote areas.

Having people available to "help" will be repeated.

Many people may feel they have skated on the fine--which will rise from $95 to almost $700 in 2016. But when it comes time for a tax refund, the fine will be deducted.

There is a plan out called Meritus--heavily subsidized by HHS--might be worth a look.

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