Friday, October 10, 2014

Stand out as a job candidate--but in a good way

Adrienne Erin, a freelancer writing on CareerBuilder, says some jobseekers try gimmicks to get noticed.

But--she warns--there is a fine line between innovative and scary.

Consider the company culture--will they appreciate a man in a gorilla suit holding your resume?

One man was innovative--he created a website on approaching a given company. He at least got an interview.

Try to find out where the company bigwigs gather--don't be a stalker, but join in or show up.

Please, please do not be ridiculous--one seeker wrote his name down the page vertically, then added words...D is for get the idea.

Another candidate whipped out a Rubik's cube to show how good she was problem solving. AWKWARD.

Do not bring food. Just don't. No food.

Don't stalk. One woman came every day, sat in the waiting room, insisted someone see her. No one did in the end.

One guy, an MIT grad, stood on a busy corner in NY and handed out resumes. He did not get busted for littering and it worked!

I once sat in a waiting room--and I got my first writing assignment...Washingtonian Magazine. But it's a risk.

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