Friday, October 24, 2014

STEM industries still challenging for women

The old "women are bad at math" thing persists. Catalyst has issued a report titled High Potentials in Tech-Intensive Industries: The Gender Divide in Business Roles.

It shines a light on the male-dominated STEM companies.

Women are less likely to enter these and more likely to leave once they do.

Only 18% of women in the study opted for a business role in a STEM companu following their MBA--24% of men did.

Fifty-three percent of women started there, then left. Thirty-one percent of men did the same.

Women were more likely to start in entry-level jobs and be paid less.

Women also faced lack of role models and vague evaluation criteria. They were also less likely to have a female supervisor.

What can companies do about this?

--Start men and women are equal levels and pay.

--Evaluate the culture for hostility. Do events outside the office include women?

--Recruit senior males to sponsor up-and-coming women.

--Make standards clear.

--Provide a flexible work environment.

Come on, people--we can't dismiss half the workforce..that would be really stupid.

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