Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's your major? Employers may not care

Writing on, Kate Silver says a prominent management training guru says your college major does not count as much as what you hope to do--and have done along the way.

She offers positions to liberal arts majors, even communications majors (sarc).

Then she trains them--she runs a training program.

She looks for "soft" skills--customer service experience, management, leadership, multitasking, thinking.

Thinking? That costs more!

You don't need a major that leads directly to a career.

Still, some employers like to see technical and "subject" skills. I am not asking a gender studies major about that weird mole.

Showing you combine the two--in an internship--is a good marketing move.

My degrees is in Asian Affairs. Interesting, but I never really used it per se. Wait--I did write a long story on travel to China for the TWA magazine.

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