Monday, October 27, 2014

When to say no to a job

Yes, times are tough, jobs are scarce, but sometimes it's just not "right." You need to face it.

Robert Half, the employment gurus, say:

No...if it's the beginning of your search and an early offer is blah. Taking it eliminates future opportunities.

No...if you lose enthusiasm as the job interview process wends on.

No...if the job is  not really a fit--every time you go there, do you feel excited, eager? If not, it may not be for you.

No...if it's just a job and not a step on some career path.

No...if it's same old. Too easy..too pat...too much like what you had.

Take these things up with the hiring manager...maybe you are missing something.

Or you may be right--move on.

I did that a few months ago--had a low offer on a screenplay--certain elements didn't thrill me--passed. Now, with no other offers yet, I wonder. But I think I did the right thing.

Hope anyway.

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