Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why do people have to be so vulgar on the internet?

I am no angel--I use Anglo-Saxonisms in real life. But on my favorite political site, where I comment often, there are a few people who pepper every insight with garden-variety language such as the f-word and worse, even.

The owner of the site--whom they claim to revere--does not use this language--nor does he forbid it. So over time, I have taken to calling people out for this--it makes me feel stupid participating in a site with so little class.

I could quit the site--but I think I am a little addicted--so my mal there.

The internet is the great leveler--unfortunately, it tends in some cases to bring everyone down to a lower level.

You do not need swear words to express disdain for our current crop of politicians--this stuff almost writes itself.

Do these people think it's hip and edgy? Are uneducated people hip and edgy?

Some comments I have made...

You really put the K in Klassy.

I see Charm School really worked out for you.

Use your indoor words.



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