Monday, October 6, 2014

You may be emailing all WRONG!

One thing everyone thinks they know by now--how to email someone. But the recruiter Robert Half says you may be getting sloppy--a refresher may be in order.

I agree--many people will answer me with no snippet or context--just say YES or something. Yes what? I may be emailing more than one person at the time.

The first sin is not proofreading. That auto-correct can get you in trouble--check everything.

Don't be slangy or too informal in a business situation-- don't put "u" for you and so on.

Break text into paragraphs...otherwise, it's a gray expanse.

Copy or insert a snip of the incoming email to provid context or use a program that attaches the email being answered. I prefer the former.

Don't attached giant files..use DropBox, Hightail or DropSend.

Almost never "Reply All."

Don't send racy or questionable material on office accts.

Create a descriptive title..blank may even be thrown in SPAM.

Don't be wimpy--don't apologize if you are asking for something you have a right to ask for. Don't use weak words like "I feel."

I would add--spit it out! Say it, ask for it, explain it...get to the point.

And remember--all emails are saved. Be wise.

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