Friday, November 7, 2014

Are you a perfectionist? Is this good?

Researchers at say there are many positive traits in an employee--conscientiousness, integrity, accountability--but perfectionism is not one of them.

Sometimes in an interview, a candidate will try to say their biggest weakness is perfectionism--but usually this will be stated as a strength.

Only 46% of perfectionists are rated as "good" employees. 42% as satisfactory. 12% as poor.

--80% are proud of their work only if the boss praises it.

--84% want to work on their own (to be sure it's done right).

--72% think one mistake makes the incompetent (only 1% of non-perfectionists this this).

Managers should look for accountability, PsychTests' president says.

Perfectionists are not only hard on themselves, they want others to measure up, too.

Take this test to see if you are a perfectionist.

If you are one, you can dial it back by:

Avoiding all or nothing thinking.

Set realistic goals. Challenge your own assumptions.

Find the good in others.

I remember once when I had a real job, the head of another department was livid with me. " always want things done right!" he sputtered.

Maybe I was too that way.

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