Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fight any "stigma" of unemployment

Michael Froehls, PhD, is author of "The Gift of Job Loss." I am not too sure I consider being laid off or fired a "gift" or some enriching chance to "grow," but maybe that's me. I would call it a challenge.

The economy is still a mess an if you don't have a job, you face your own feelings about yourself--and those you attribute to others.

You may blame yourself for losing your job. You feel like a victim, you are in shock, the author says.

You think others are looking down on you--with pity or fearing for their own situation.

First, losing a job is hardly unusual--you have to expect it over a working life. This probably has nothing to do with your skills or performance.

Don't think of yourself as unemployed--you are between jobs.

You have gained time. This is positive Use it wisely. Don't apply for one job and plop in front of the TV. Maybe sign up for a course, Get ceritifed in something. Learn a language.

As for what others think--who cares? People will always look down on your for something. You're fat. You're older. You are between jobs. Many things. They do this to make themselves feel better. Forget it.

If you volunteer, go to school, invent something, start a jobs group--anything--people will start to admire you.

Yes, admire you.

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