Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting a seasonal job--get cracking

The Better Business Bureau says retailers and shippers are going to hire record numbers this holiday season. But now is the time to apply!

Walmart, Target, Macy's and many others are already hiring.

Identify the type of place you would like to work--a restaurant, dept store, small store, whatever. What is your expertise--clothes, sporting goods, electronics...decide.

Check first with places you already shop. You may already know the people and stock--and can use the discounts.

Always be personable, even if just asking for an application or dropping off a resume.  Dress neatly. Smile.

Emphasize your customer service skills--people are stressed at holiday time.

You may be asked to work horrible or inconvenient hours. If this is a second job, make sure they know when you can work. If this is your only job--suck it up.

This is why they call it work.

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