Monday, November 17, 2014

Good news--introverts can dump cold calling

Max Nisen, Nextgov Magazine, Nov 13, 2014, says most people find networking kind of awkward--but quiet, shy people most of all.

They need to manage their interactions carefully. Cold calls are a fear--but now it seems they are less effective than in person encounters or emails.

First, don't "pray and pray"--contacting everyone or feeling you should.Maybe stick with your alum group Do research on each person.

Never ask for a job. Respect people's time. Ask for advice--always meet at a time and place convenient to the person.

Pick networking events carefully. See if the people you want to talk to will be there.

Don't monopolize a person too long. Maybe agree to meet later if you get a positive vibe.

After an event, take time off from schmoozing. Recuperate.

Being casual, interesting, helpful and flattering can take it out of ya.

Remember it could be worse--you could be facing a cold call list..."Uh, you don't know me, but...."

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