Friday, November 14, 2014

Have you thought of working with a recruiter?

According to Robert Half International, recruiters broaden your network, provide leads, and can fill you in on prospective employers.

But a recruiter must come to you--not the other way around.

It's better to hook up with a specialist in your field if you can.

You must check out a recruiter--and trust that company or person. Do not second-guess them.

Recruiters are busy--be honest with them. Let them know your background and salary expectations.

If the recruiter contacts you about an opening that you are not interested in, try to suggest another candidate.

Do not "friend" recruiters on social media--this is business.

Stay informed about the job market yourself--suggest things to the recruiter.

This is not an employment agency--srecruiters work for the employers. If you are a good fit, great, they make money. If you are a professional--they can send you on interviews without fear.

We used to be contacted by headhunters in the past--don't know what the frequency is now.

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