Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to overcome glitches in the hiring process

Robert Half International has seen it all. And all includes a hiring sequence that gets stalled or does not go smoothly.

You may have been made an offer, told you are getting the job, but a formal offer letter is not coming. This can be for many reasons--the boss may be out of town, for instance. after a couple of weeks, contact the hiring manager. Say you would like to start ASAP--this is also a signal that you won't wait forever.

If you get followup questions about what your references said, don't be defensive. The manager is waiting for you to alleviate concerns. Bring up positive anecdotes. You can even offer another ref or two.

The written job offer differs from what you were told. First, seek clarification. They might have mentioned a range for salary, for example, and you assumed you'd be at the top. See what they say. Don't be accusatory and upset. If you really think it's bait-and-switch, the company may be playing games--not good.

What if you accept an offer and then hear something bad? Well, try to get the facts.

Don't count on anything until you are seated at your new desk. But above all, stay calm.

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