Friday, November 28, 2014

If you are reading this and not shopping, it may be OK

This could be a promise of a gift...
Black Friday--when stores go into the "black." People stand in line for "bargains," called "doorbusters."

I don't speak this language, do you?

First, stores will continue to offer good deals for way more than one day.

Second, the online bargs are gone in a hot one--ask my daughter, who grumbled for an hour last night trying to find a new TV online.

Anyhow--did the "After Christmas Sales" reward the patient among us? Do they have those anymore?.

My late mother used to cut out pictures of say, a winter coat, and attach "play money" in the amount we could spend in the After Christmas Sales--and then she wrapped that. A picture of a present! Seems endearing now--when we were kids, though, it was less than thrilling.

Oh, well--happy shopping!

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