Monday, November 3, 2014

It's not the job, it's the coworkers!

We all experience stress. Sometimes it is motivating. But other times, it is just plain unpleasant, chipping away at health.

Judith Orloff, assistant clinical prof of psychiatry at UCLA, says workplace stress is often caused by people around you who suck away your energy. In the popular vernacular--vampires.

Criticizing vampire. This one belittles you, judges you--all toe boost his or her own ego. Remember, this is about that person, not you. Spread on the loving kindness--they hate that.

Passive-aggressive vampire. This is the unpredictable one--friend or they mean what they say or not. Ask this person how they would feel.

Victimized vampire. You know this one--you are expected to spend your time rescuing this person.

Needy vampire. Maybe this person calls too much, texts too often, stands too close. Just say you're super busy.

Negative vampire. The more they complain, the better they feel--and the worse you feel.

Controlling vampire. This person knows what is best for you at all times. Just smile indulgently and do what you want.

Vampires do not come out once a year on Halloween--check the next desk. Sometimes it's not you--it's them!

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