Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kids favor toys with cartoon characters

Since I have created some cartoon characters--thus far not produced--I was interested in a study at the Univ of Louisville and Univ of Texas-Dallas that showed how even 4-yr-olds prefer known characters on their toys.

How I long to see Detective Lupine and Sgt Buzzy of my stories on a line of toys!

But I digress.

In the study, little kids had a choice of toys--some dirty and with missing parts--and even picked the wrecked ones if they had an image of a cartoon character.

Kids trust characters as much as they trust people.

The most the researchers could suggest was use this knowledge to promote good habits--such as giving kids a toothbrush or bike helmet with a popular character on it.

I can see Sgt Buzzy honey--in a Sgt Buzzy honey bottle.

Note to self: No contracts where I am not looped in on toy rights.

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