Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Maybe you need to listen for an inner voice

If you are unemployed, unhappily employed, or retired without enough money--what to do?

If you read this site daily, you get tons of advice on networking, writing a resume, handling office relationships, and so on. Noise! And I must admit--somewhat repetitive..This blog has been blatting on for years!

How about shutting all this out--including me? The old robber barons used to "sit the silence." They would meditate, in today's parlance--and wait for thoughts and ideas. One of them once said ideas came in like letters through a mail slot.

Sit in a chair, hands on thighs, try to empty your mind. If a weird thought comes--such as your shopping list--let it flow across your mind and out the other side.

Wait for something relevant to your financial and work situation...

Maybe I should take that community college course in Excel.

My boss isn't going anyplace soon--maybe I should.

I wish I worked at the building at the end of the block--that would be so handy.

I am sick of being a doctor.

I wonder if my eBay business could be full-time...

Sometimes we miss the obvious starting point to a new approach--because it's so darn noisy!

OM--not OMG!

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