Monday, November 10, 2014

Millennials heart science

Millennials are the 1982-2004 crowd in case you are losing track of your gens.

According to a piece in Nextgov Magazine, Nov 6, 2014, by Alexandra Ossola, they LUV science, and in particular a website charmingly titled "I F--- Love Science." They also eat up Popular Science and Scientific American.

A 25-yr old named Elise Andrew is behind the web pub with the F word in it. She puts in things she thinks are "cool." (Much as I do with my creativity site--

To hear her tell it, Millennials are awestruck by science, gobble it up. They go after degree after degrees, stacking up to be the most educated generation ever.

The last generation to make a lot of discoveries was the G.I. generation (1939 World's Fair, Manhattan Project).

Both gens see science as a way to improve the world.

Science for this generation, though, has become a global language.

Interesting--but let's see how it plays out.

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