Monday, November 24, 2014

Move over, sonny, that's my desk!

Beth Braccio, CareerBuilder, says yes, age might work against you in the job market.

They key, one expert says, is to EMBRACE age.

Concentrate on the needs of the job and how you meet them. Don't be defensive or even bring up age.

Look for "action" words in the job description--repeat those back...Being in all experience, including volunteer or family experiences.

Be confident about your past--you got this far, you must know a thing or two. No doubt you also have "soft skills"--ethics, punctuality, loyalty.

And be equally confident of your future. If new technologies are making you hesitant--take a class or two. Or view some YouTube videos.

Don't blame age for all rejection--you may be worrisomely overqualified.

If you get a long string of no interviews or rejections--raise your sights--apply only for the cream!

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