Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some STEM careers that are also creative

Alexandra Ossola, Govt Executive, Nov 3, 2014, says 6% of workers were in STEM fields (science, technology, math) in 2011. But this number is growing--and not limited to "Big Bang Theory" areas such as higher math or physics.

STEM blends with art, nature, and construction, to name a few fields requiring precision.

Meteorologist is one. Weather reporting and prediction requires handling of complex vectors and a knowledge of physics, calculus and earth science.

Animator. Now you're talking my area. Most animators render using computer programs, but also have an affinity for art and storytelling.

Fashion designer. To create a pattern, designers must craft 3D out of 2d fabric. It has to be scaled up. Math is required to set a price.

Park rangers have backgrounds in forestry and conservation. They know botany and biology. My brother was one for years--they also must break up drug deals and work in law enforcement.

Ship captains must make complex calculations--wind, current, tides, other ships. Yes, there is GPS, but they also must know how to do this by hand.

Basically any job these days from reading blueprints to mixing chemicals to preserve animals in a taxidermy shop require complex knowledge. Being good at math and unafraid of computers are huge pluses.

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