Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What does overqualified mean?

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, says you may think your past experience is perfectly matched to a job, but the employer may think it's too matched--you have done too much appropriate stuff and are overqualified.

When I was freelance writing, it did not help me to say I have 35 years' experience writing health stories--they would think, ooo, we can't afford that!

Overqualified implies you are willing to take a step down. This may sound like a plus for employers, byt they fear you will leave as soon as you get something more appropriate.

You need to send the right message. Don't conceal your education or experience but explain your reasons for wanting a (maybe) less exacting position, different hours, less stress.

Say how this fits into your career path--I think I need more customer service experience, although I am good with people.

Also show how you fit with the company culture.

My usual advice: Be interested and interesting.

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