Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When will HR people wise up?

Jeff Haden is a contributing editor of Inc. Magazine. On Nov 10, 2104, he slams most hiring processes.

First, many employers have not figured out what they need. So they list an impossible number of requirements--which eliminates almost everyone and makes people apply just for the heck of it.

Instead, Haden says they should pick one attribute. You can train the others or forget the finetuning.

Sometimes employers insert non-relevant qualifications. Is a four-year degree really required?

Why would 10 years' experience prove anything--you could be bad for 10 yrs.

Look for what the person has done--turned this around, sold that, created the other.

Or--companies set up too many hoops. Why four interviews? Make it easy to apply--think of the applicant as a customer.

Other companies try to "get" the applicant--to see if he or she can think on their feet. Well, if  people have to think on their feet all the time at your company, maybe you need a more rational atmosphere.

Also--don't spring group interviews on people. It will be jumbled and the applicant will be floored.

And finally, companies often don't follow up--94% of applicants never hear back.

That's rude--and it gets around--don't forget people are judging the company, too.

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