Thursday, November 6, 2014

Would you quit if you hit the jackpot?

Debra Auerbach, Workbuzz, July 17, 2014, asks if you would tell your boss to take your job and shove it--should you hit the lottery or come into money?

More than half--51%--of workers asked this said they could continue to work.

Gosh--is there more to life than money? Apparently.

77 percent said they'd be bored if they did  not work.
76% said work gives them a feeling of accomplishment.
42% wanted even more money than the winnings.
And 23% said they would miss their coworkers.

Still, only 30% would stay in their present job. The rest would pursue a passion. Only 15% of workers say they are in their dream job.

Also--that "shove it" approach? Most said they would quit respectfully.

31% would give two weeks notice
13% would resign that day--no notice.
3% would tell off the boss.
And 2% would not show the next day, no notice.

It's your karma--proceed wisely.

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