Friday, December 12, 2014

Ah, idiots, we love them so

I used to say, "I have many bosses but no superiors." This, naturally, went over big with the boss class.

Scott Reeves, writing in Forbes, explains the best ways to work with idiot bosses. I guess one way would be not to call them idiots.

He suggests "idiot engineering"--turning the boss's cluelessness to your advantage.

Many people try to make idiot bosses look bad--the best strategy, though, is to do the opposite.

You want to diminish the harm to you the boss's cluelessness can do.

First listen to the person. Try to key in on their hobbies or interests.

Idiot engineering is not butt-kissing. Incorporate your ideas into the idiot's language and agenda.

Remember, though--this is the person with the institutional power. They can pop alive and do you damage.

The battler against idiocy is a long twilight struggle, Reeves says. And--remember--you may have a little idiot in you. Combining that with the boss's can mean disaster.

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