Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Applying when you already have a job

Sometimes people get locked into a job because they want to keep the one in the hand and not risk it flying off.

Susan Ricker, Career Builder, took this on. Despite fears of being found out as dissatisfied or "looking," people do keep their eyes open for a better opportunity.

Before you do it, though--think, plan. Why do you want to switch? To get more money? To change geographical areas? To do something less boring or more satisfying?

Then sit down and write out all your accomplishments. Then make a list of your skills and education. See how transferable these are to what you have in mind.

If you can, try out the new career--hold on to your job and volunteer. Join a professional organization.

Once you have decided to move forward, try to protect your old job. There will always be risk. Make sure people know your search is confidential. Do not say you are looking on social media. Make sure recruiters do not check with anyone without asking you.

When you discuss your present employer, be discreet and diplomatic.

As the economy improves, switching will be more common. But you still need to think first.

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