Monday, December 15, 2014

Bad raise? Maybe some perks might be possible

Deborah Jian Lee, writing on, says wage stagnation is a fact, but sometimes instead of pay you can get other things to make life more pleasant.

Want some ideas?

Flexible schedule. Maybe coming in early and leaving early. or work longer Mon-Thurs so you can have Friday off.

Telecommuting. Work from home 1-2 days a week. Skip the commute, catch up on exercise, etc.

Time off. Try to get extra vacation days.

How about a nicer office? Bigger, a window.

Better work equipment is also nice..maybe an ergonomic chair, bigger monitor.

Continuing ed classes are nice. This also shows you are industrious.

Maybe it's time for that dream assignment or a better title.

And last, you could ask for commuting reimbursement...Companies offer this.

Or you may have to ask first. You can ask anybody anything...remember that. However, I would not ask for all of these--be brave, but think first.

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