Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being unemployed affects men and women differently

A recent Kaiser and CBS News poll showed that out of work men and women with children spend more time with the kids--60% of the women said this improved relations with the kids, but only 22% of the men thought it did.

Working is in decline, according to Binyamin Appelbaum, NYT, Dec 15, 2014.

But men seem to be more burdened with pride and are less willing to take a lesser job.

One man's wife made $10 an hour, but he would not take such a job, saying she was more "accepting."

Women--especially those with children--put a higher value on being at home. They are more likely to cite "family responsibilities" as a reason not to go back to work.

So far, this seems unremarkable.

But--now for a problem--43% of out of work men report worse mental health and only 16% of women do.

Twenty-five percent of women even said they felt better.

Women said they spent their time volunteering, caring for others, and exercising. Men said they read, watched TV and surfed the net.

Was looking for a job anywhere in the mix? Did not see it.

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